Frequently Asked Questions

When is my bill due?

Everyone’s bill is due on the 1st of the month.

Why was i charged a late fee?

Payments received in our office after the 10th are charged a $5.00 late fee

When is the collect or disconnect date?

We begin “collections” on unpaid accounts each month on the 11th.

There is a $15.00 trip charge when we collect on an account plus a $5 late fee.

We cannot get to everyone on the first day – but we usually make a trip to all outstanding accounts by the 16th of each month.

If you know that your payment will not reach our office by the 10th

– please call us before you mail it.

If you make arrangements with the office – you can avoid a $15.00 trip charge – once we knock on your door however- your account will be charged $15.00

For the trip – even if the check is “in the mail”.

If you have already mailed the payment but our office has not received it yet:

We must still pick up a payment – we can mail your check back to you once we received it.

Why was my bill higher this month?

If you added any services during the past month you may see an increase in your next billing statement – even if you paid for the 1st month of the new service at the time of installation. The reason for this is that when you pay for a complete month when adding a service – that payment is applied towards the next full month’s service.  The next bill you receive would have a pro-rated portion of the new service charges, for whatever days it was active during the month it was installed.  For example: if you added a service on the 20th of a month that had 30 days in it – your next bill would include the new service charges for the remaining 10 days of the previous month.  Plus the 30 days of the coming month.  You always pay a month in advance on your cable bill

You may have been charged a late fee last month

If you have our phone service: – you may have placed calls outside the included “free” calling areas or if you have a limited minute plan – you may have gone over your minutes.   You may have placed calls to directory assistance

The reason should be itemized on your statement.